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Posted By: Mustafa Baig

About this Talent:


Hello! I'm Mustafa Baig, a 19-year-old student pursuing a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology. Despite my focus on aviation, I have developed a set of diverse skills that extend beyond the realm of aircraft maintenance. I am adept at data entry, transcription, freelance writing, and content creation, showcasing my commitment to versatility and adaptability.

Talent Description:

1. Data Entry Clerk:

   - Proficient in entering and managing data with a keen eye for accuracy and efficiency.
   - Familiarity with various data entry tools and software.

2. Transcriptionist:
   - Skilled in converting audio content into accurate written transcripts.
   - Able to handle diverse transcription projects, including general, medical, or legal content.

3. Freelance Writing:
   - Experienced in creating engaging and informative content across different genres.
   - Capable of tailoring writing style to meet specific client needs or project requirements.

4. Content Creation:
   - Creative thinker with a passion for producing compelling and original content.
   - Proficient in utilizing various media formats for content creation, such as text, images, and videos.

Past Projects and Clients:

While I am currently focused on my studies in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology, I have actively taken on freelance projects to hone my skills and gain practical experience. Some of my notable projects include:

Data entry tasks for local businesses, ensuring the accurate organization and input of crucial information.
- Transcription projects for educational content creators, transforming audio lectures into written format.
- Freelance writing assignments for online platforms, covering a range of topics from technology to lifestyle.


Lahore, Pakistan

Delivered engaging virtual lessons, and encouraged student collaboration.

Conducted assessments and provided timely feedback.

August 2020 – Present

Conducted Live Virtual Classes: Conducted live virtual classes to deliver lectures, lead discussions,

and promote active participation among students.

Developed Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Developed and implemented comprehensive lesson plans,

aligning with academic standards and learning objectives.

Provided Timely Feedback and Assessments: Provided timely feedback and constructive assessments

on student work, fostering their academic growth and development.

While my experience may not be extensive, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work and continuously expanding my skills in these areas. I am open to new opportunities and collaborations that allow me to apply and further develop my talents.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 to 7hours a day
Location: Rs.LAHORE Languages Known : english
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