Edit Your Video To Make It Appalling For A Small Amount.

Posted By: Jay Guzon

About this Talent:

I am a freelance photo and video editor. I used to work in reputable company. I am also a seasoned photographer. I can edit your raw video vlog to be posted on your social media account such as YouTube and FB reels.

I can work in very short time to make it rush. Stand out your video from others. It can be you first stepping stone to your success.

Always be humble to yo your self. And being generous to help others that in need.

I live in the Philippines with 3 kids. Philippines is hone for talented individuals like me. By choosing me you can never be wron. So what are you waiting for. Try me and click the link provided this website and contact me at no time. Hurry up your time is running out .

Now to begin, my contact information herein provided to expedite the process.  Now click the link. 

Thank you for choosing me.

Salient Features:
Job Price:300 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Philippines Languages Known : english
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