Data Entry Project Will Be Done In A Very Short Span Of Time

Posted By: KARTIK VERMA 2255

About this Talent:

What makes me the right fit for your data entry job?

Data entry job is one such job that everyone wants to make look like their previous job. If you are also seeking someone who can provide you with virtual assistance in completing a hectic data entry job work, then you are at the right gig. I have worked as a data entry executive over the past few years and have required expertise to deliver the work quickly.

I can do the work for you in the least possible time and provide you with the assurance that the work done is quality work. You can get in touch with me to discuss in detail the project and fix a price.

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 3-4 hours
Location: Rs.Shimla Languages Known : english , hindi
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