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Top 5 online jobs for New MOM

Top 5 online jobs for New MOM
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5 Professions You Can Choose Online If You Are A New Mom

If you are blessed with a baby recently, then the responsibility to take care comes on you as for first priority. Most of the women take a break in the career and then return to their career once their baby grows up. In this crucial time the expenses also are on a rise so what can you do as a new mom to take care of your expenses without changing the priority, Here is the list of 10 such jobs which is easily available online and needs two-three hours from your entire day schedule.

  1. Online Tutor

Being an Online tutor is the trend nowadays, earlier students were used to go to their area’s best tutor to get a lesson on the subject they presumed tough. Today no one is ready to compromise hence people look for the best tutor around the globe and to do that online comes handy. So if you are lucky you may grab a chance to mentor a child from the US who can pay you a minimum of 100$/hour in case if there is one kid and 40$ per student if they go for group studies. In both the cases, you are in profit along with knowledge.

  1. Blogger

Being a Blogger does not need any special skill. As blogging is the most casual way to express your views. Though today WordPress and many blogging sites are available which gives you a free space to create and customize your blog. So if you are grammatically correct and explain what you see in your own words then this is what can be a good money making a career.

  1. Cake Maker

Cakes and Chocolates are all time’s favorite. In case you are someone who loves baking and can spend time in baking a cake or do have plans to switch your career in a new business then this is the right option. After the initial investment, this business churns big profits if you advertise and bid for corporate events. Getting an order for a corporate party can fetch around 50K – 5L rupees depending on the varied factors like no. of people, layers of cake etc.

  1. Chef Online

Are you someone, whom people say “Bhabhi Ji You should try in master chef”?  then this is what you should do. It’s easy and actually, you are not doing anything. You just need to record how you cook a particular dish and upload online and then see with every like you get on your blog where the video is uploaded, the traffic will be navigated hence you will get paid for it. The famous chef late Tarla Dalal become famous the same way.

  1. An Online Career Counsellor

I happen to remember a person named Dave Ramsey who started to counsel people and later took it up as a line of business. He can get successful then why can’t you? People around the globe do look for people who are having ample of knowledge and can extend help to understand the typical terms in the process. Now what sort of counseling you want to do you can choose as per your liking and knowledge. If you are good with career counseling then go for it or if you are someone who is very good with relationship counseling then go for that. All of this counseling jobs ensure to pay us a hefty amount at the end of the month. So you can rest assured about the money involved in it. PS if you have gained experience and your counseling works one event which is organized can fetch up to a lac rupees for just delivering a lecture and motivating people.


With all the easiest option presented to you, it’s you who need to decide what you want to do and moreover which career can go along with your first priority your little baby. But whatever may be your choice make sure to market it with a complete profile and a proper advertising.

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