I Will Do Data Entry Work Accurately & Submit It Within The Deadline

Posted By: Shivani Agrawal

About this Talent:

I will do my work accurately within the given deadline.

I had no experience but I assure you that the given work has been submit by me on time .

I have completed my graduation in computer science.  And I'm looking for a suitable job. Actually I need it because I want to do something, and earn by myself from home.

Depending upon parents is easy but doing something on your own risk is far better than depending upon anyone. I prefer to do something and make our parents proud.

It is not easy but still we should not afraid and bravely do what we want to do, archeive your goals and make your dreams come to true. Make others proud to yourself, never gave up. And in your free time you can earn little bit by doing online jobs, or you can study too, by online classes.

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000/- Duration : 3-4 hrs
Location: Rs.Gwalior Languages Known : english , hindi
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