How to succeed by taking up Online Jobs

How to succeed by taking up Online Jobs
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How to succeed by taking up Online Jobs

I never wanted to report in to someone or take someone’s order hence i invested in some business but it failed badly and i suffered a big loss. I took this as a part of destiny and continued to search for people in my circle who are running their businesses successfully. This friend of mine was successfully running his own venture since last three years. I wondered that how come he become a business shot without a business background.

Without any hesitation I asked him about the secret behind this success to which he replied as mentioned. He said he didn’t do anything special just followed net and got an opportunity to work online. Initially he started working on his own and delivered the work and earned money, later when he understood the work he expanded and took up bulk projects and become a contractor for other freelancers via which he could save some share for himself.

He continued doing this for few years and then decided to take the next step and hired few people on salary working for him full time and made sure that he also hired someone to maintain his client relation and analyze the projects. His responsibility included interacting with clients, getting new projects /job using online portals. They make bids for various projects as per the requirement and sources available after which if a client accepted the proposal they have to deliver the work as per the deadline given by the client. Once the delivery of the project is delivered the client paid the amount real time.

Initially he started with domestic project later he moved to take up the international clients and the payment amount converted from rupees to dollars. As amount increased the team increased, and as the team increased definitely he has to look for a bigger space now. So he shifted to a bigger place with a bigger team making bigger profits. Today he is having a team of 40 people which reports into him and take his orders that is what you call a successful business tycoon in making.  He is making big profits today and amongst the top businessman. When someone asks for his reason of success he wears a smile and says “yeh sab online jobs ka kamal hai” which helped me earn an identity for myself.

Few tips for you in case you also want to opt for an online job as I am going to do as soon as I am done with this article.

  1. Choose the field of expertise for yourself (e.g translation/Content/ News reading) or whichever field you may be interested in.
  2. Build a strong profile for yourself which will help you in advertising your skills in this Job market of online Jobs.
  3. Look for some projects matching to your skill set and apply for the job with requested documents.
  4. Give your best shot by delivering the best sample given.
  5. In case you are rewarded with an online job, work efficiently and always meet deadlines.
  6. Submit the work on time and work on the modifications in case any.

Top 10 sites which you can use as base for your new online venture

  1. Upwork
  2. Guru
  3. Toptal
  4. Freelancer
  5. Craiglist
  6. 99designs
  7. People per hour
  8. Freelance writing gigs
  9. Demand Media
  10. College recruiter

A last piece of advice will be to analyze the project well before taking up or committing to any new project as there are many fake projects which are available online and which can cost a good amount of your hard earned money.



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