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5 Sites where you can Work for Your Passion

5 Sites where you can Work for Your Passion
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5 Sites which will give you a chance to work for your passion

When I started freelancing I had a different reason, I wanted to earn some amount so that I can pay my fee easily but after some time, I realized that this, in fact, is an opportunity to explore what I love to do and earn some money for doing what I love. So a full-time HR Professional became a content writer, who loves to write various articles related to travel, healthcare, and what not. Here are my top 5 sites which can give you a chance to work for your passion in case it is writing;

Just follow to go through google before you decide to use any of these websites. That will help you to directly reach the people who are looking for writing gigs and people like you and me who can write for them and get paid. One thing more do not restrain you to one particular domain rather be open to learn and explore things which you have not done before My top 5 sites for writers are as follows;

  1. com

Earlier known as GetAFreelancer is basically a job site where freelancing projects are listed as jobs. They offer a variety of expertise and over 100 different available types of jobs for Freelancers who want to write in a different niche.It can help you find a client from a country which you want and is considered great for writers to get bulk projects. Just bid and deliver.

  1. Content Mart

For getting freelance writing work or finding jobs, Content Mart is one of the most popular websites in 2017. You just need to register to view more details and bid on jobs. The Content Mart community is very mature amongst all the sites available for freelancing jobs and helps in bridging the gap between client and those seeking online jobs.

  1. Constant Content

Consistent Content is one of the debut article commercial centers for genuine independent scholars to profit on the web. Since Constant-Content is so developing, journalists can request as much as possible for their articles (charging upward of $100+ each article!). Consistent Content has a strict publication handle, be that as it may, the extensive commercial center and interest for composing make this commercial center one of the best

  1. Up work

Up work is another primary contender for significant independent occupation sheets. Much like Freelancer, UPWork offers a wide assortment of employments that can without much of a stretch be proficient on the web. Despite the fact that the compensation isn’t generally the best, the sheer measure of employments accessible will dependably give you something to do.

  1. Craiglist

Albeit very neglected, Craiglist is as yet one of the most effortless to discover outsourcing composing occupations. Craigslist’s fundamental interest to network individuals inside the neighborhood you’re not limited to quite recently your city – investigate and see what you can discover; a huge number of organizations and people post occupations for composing for online journals, articles, and sites.

The last piece of advice for anyone who wants to write is that work on three things before you decide to start selling your skills online;
1. Make sure your profile is completely written.
2. The best samples you have should be attached with the testimonials.
3. Finally, get ready to take the risk. In the field of freelancing there can be lots of risks involved so do not count on freelancing ever in case you plan to expand your business as it can come up with high profits one month and with the great unbearable loss the other. Think sensibly and then take up a Job. All the best.

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