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5 Best Home based Online jobs for WOMEN

5 Best Home based Online jobs for WOMEN
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If you are women, and you have some very important responsibilities to take care of at home, I am sure you cannot think of stepping out of home finding work. But for the financial stability even today there are many options available for the people who are really willing to work. These options does not need any investment, it is just your skill set according to which you can look forward for a job matching to the profile or as per your wish.

Following is the list of top 5 works from options which you can easily adapt to and can earn good amount of money:-

  1. Emailing:Nowadays many projects are in the market which look for people who can market their products by emailing. This process is called E-mail marketing and requires the least effort as you just need to create an email on the basis of products client wants to market and then send bulk mail on the database given by the client. If you are someone who can spare 2 hours a day, then this task can be easily accomplished. As in market the cost of an Email marketing project can land anywhere in between 7K – 20K a month, depending upon the no.s of contacts and frequency of emails.
  2. Ad Posting:This again amongst the easily accomplishable tasks as one just need to be internet friendly. The client will provide you links where you need to post the advertisement on the web links given by the client. Usually this job is not that costly kind of projects but requires a dedicated hour to complete the task for a day and you can make upto 5K easily without disturbing your daily routine. A little money here and there is always better for future purpose.
  3. Copywriting:If you are amongst those who have a flair of writing and can spend around couple of hours daily , you can take up the job of copywriting where the client will be giving you some already written document as reference article and you need to rewrite it in your own words. The rate for this job can vary as per the writing style, citation and quality required by the client. Usually a local client can pay you upto 15K a month easily if you are writing 3 articles a day for him on a daily basis.
  4. Translation:if you are good with a particular language and can understand another language, you can easily take up this job of translation. It pays good as well as it does not take much time for a native person to translate a document and can easily make upto 30K a month if the person is willing to give upto 4 hours a day to this job.
  5. Writing Dissertation:Was it the case that you wrote the best dissertation in your entire batch and it also got rewarded. In case you were amongst those intelligent students this is the easiest and most seasonal job one can take up. For writing a dissertation people charge upto 5K per project, that means you can use your R&D skills or experience and can easily make money.

In short you can say that any women can churn out upto 20K a month with just a little effort and sparing out couple of hours.  For such projects you can always refer to sites like guru.com, Elance.com or Freelancer.com which gives you ample of opportunities to work on such opportunities.

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